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OneDesk is social software that connects employees, partners and customers to the product or service development process. It consists of a unified suite of applications that incorporates social media monitoring, feedback management, idea management, customer service, requirements management, and project portfolio management. With OneDesk, you will build the right product or service faster and more efficiently. OneDesk allows you to connect with your customers, employees and business partners and get them involved in the development process. Tune in to the social web and discover what customers really think about your products or services. Capture ideas, issues, questions, and leads with a single click. Stay on top of your customers’ conversations, reply to them, and pipe their feedback directly into the development process by generating requirements and tasks. Employees, partners and customers to collaborate and join in “the conversation.” OneDesk enables effective social collaboration by directing the conversation toward business goals.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

- Instant message members of your organization. - Create a profile and add privacy settings as you see fit. Browse your contacts’ public profiles and view data that they are sharing with you (contact info, blog, calendar.) - Search and navigate through the directory of public data to make new contacts or invite collaborators to join a workspace. - Create a personal blog, and choose with whom to share your articles. - Create discussion boards related to specific business objects, or initiate a more free-form conversation on a topic.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

OneDesk features integrated social collaboration tools that keep employees, partners and customer connected throughout the development process. They include discussion forums, chat, blogs, idea voting and polls.

Social Networking and Expert Search

With OneDesk's social media monitoring tool, you can: - Listen and engage with your customers on the social web including on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog posts and comments. - Directly respond to customer conversations on the social web by creating wall posts, tweets, and comments from a single interface. - Identify trending topics and stay on top of what is occurring in your industry. - Automatically receive notifications of new conversations concerning your brand, competitors and industry. - Take action: With a single click, transform customer comments into OneDesk ideas, issues and questions and automatically link customer insight into the development process.

Personal Information Management

OneDesk also lets you create a personalized workflow and experience with your preferences in mind. Subscriptions, alert and notification options can all be easily configured so that you can get notified and updated with the information you need, in the way you prefer whether through you wish to receive updates by email, and/or via the collaboration inbox. You can select from two different color schemes, dark and light. There is also an option to select language, currency and date options. OneDesk understands your need for security and privacy. That is why our solution also features excellent privacy settings to protect all of your information.

Project Management

Professional project managers can: - Connect with employees, partners, and customers in real-time, all in one application. - Build projects that extend beyond the organization’s walls and involve external resources and sub-contractors. - Automatically generate project tasks from customer feedback and product requirements. - Allow all team members to contribute to the project creation process. - Create stand-alone projects, or connect tasks to requirements and feedback items. - Automatically calculate percent complete, duration, costs, and work for tasks, projects, requirements, ideas and linked feedback. - Easily distribute tasks to user-resources across multiple projects and even different organizations. - Track projects by comparing planned values to actual results, and get a detailed view of overages for work, schedule and costs. - Choose to keep track of items such as requirements or tasks and immediately get notified when team members update them.

Operational Flexibility

OneDesk has a solution for every role. It comes with a full suite of applications that are useful to all departments, for example the marketing team, the support team, the project team and the product team. Users can choose to hide the applications that they do not wish to use. OneDesk also allows you to import MS Project files and export tasks to .CSV.

Customization & Extensibility

The key to being successful at mass customization is to have the right tools to listen to what customers want. Through a customer feedback application that is easy to use and can even be embedded in a website, customers can send companies ideas about what they would like to see mass-produced. Companies can connect with customers and partners and use the interactive collaboration tools built into to elaborate on the ideas, understand them, and learn more about their customers. They can then turn these ideas into requirements, analyze them based on their corporate goals, and finally, turn the ideas into real products.

Data & Security

Users can set privacy settings and choose which information they wish to share, and with whom to share it with. Likewise, when the customer portal is activated, companies can choose what customers have access to.

Vendor Position

OneDesk is a software development company that aims to bring businesses closer to their customer communities through the use of a unique customer portal which customers can use to communicate ideas and feedback. OneDesk's blended suite of applications provides a solution for every role. The applications are all interconnected, ensuring a bi-directional flow of information throughout the product or service development process.

Support & Services

OneDesk’s customer service tools allow you to: - Manage and respond to customer inquiries or issues in a timely fashion by creating tickets and automatically assigning them to the appropriate individuals. - Automate your response process and deliver personalized notifications to all participants whenever a case is updated. - Organize and increase visibility of all cases throughout the organization. - Easily track who is working on a case, and when they are working on it. - Provide better customer service by re-assigning and re-prioritizing issues based on ticket age, response time, etc. - Develop individual response processes for tickets based on any criteria, including customer account, category, priority and more. - Reduce support costs by permitting your community to answer questions for you. Publish the best responses online and create a permanent knowledge base.



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