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With hoozin you can now quickly turn your SharePoint investment into a well structured standardized Social Platform. Hoozin comes complete with discussions, communities profiles and Applications. After Intranet and Collaborative Intranet 2.0, there is now hoozin.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Hoozin allows setting up in a few clicks forums representing the 'voice of the company'. This can be targeted at all employees or a subset. Hoozin Social Business Software allows to 'reduce' the capacity of the tool to a classical Collaborative Intranet 2.0. But this time it is out of the box. All content can be rated and abuse can be reported. The above can of course be set up with the corporate branding.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Hoozin allows to share instantly business related information, ideas, documents, videos, etc. Because information is shared faster, better and more contextual, more people stay informed and get more valuable information to attain their Business goals. The approach is to get information shared in an horizontal way, reducing the silo effect. Each individual can set up it’s own profile and work with tags. Who has access to what content is managed by the business itself, within corporate security standards.

Social Networking and Expert Search

By default the profiles are synchronized with the Active Directory or any other database sources of your choice. From there, end users can improve their profile and let the world know where their expertise is, their interest and their current status. This allows a better talent match with current Business projects. Hoozin provides the capacity required to search in huge amounts of data while maintaining a very friendly user interface. End users can save multiple search settings and use tags to improve their searches. Searches are open and can be filtered down by Document Type, by Date and by Author.

Personal Information Management

Hoozin allows to share instantly Business related information, ideas, documents, videos, etc. Because information is shared faster, better and more contextual, more people stay informed and get more valuable information to attain their Business goals. Users can Manage their information through discussions and more importantly, the hoozin communities.

Project Management

It is in the hoozin communities where ideas, projects, events or any other collaborative activity is being managed. It provides the structure needed to share documents, files, images, and videos. Communities are also the main layer that provides to the end users the consumption of many different hoozin Applications. Communities are also available to external users. With hoozin external communities you can now invite external users such as Partners, Vendors and Customers. With hoozin you ca build a social business strategy with your ecosystem while meeting all the security standards.

Operational Flexibility

Hoozin comes as a cloud version or on-premises. It must be noted that either way, there is no reduction in features or functionalities. There is no dependency on other Software, comes with multiple languages and is fully out of the box. Hoozin is fully accessible with mobile devices.

Customization & Extensibility

Hoozin allows easy adoption of look & feel to meet corporate branding requirements. The ‘look & feel’ element is considered important, not only on a corporate level, but also on an individual level. This is why end users can select different backgrounds for their profiles (and profile picture), as well as for the communities (color, logo, background image, etc).

Data & Security

Hoozin provides user access that is appealing and secure at the same time. Overall account creation and ‘user forgot password’ management is highly secure. Besides the access security, there is a clear content back up process.

Vendor Position

Hoozin is a deliverable from Prexens Group. With hoozin we aim at delivering the following: • Provide value to the overall collaboration in an organization by providing an out of the box solution for Social Business Software in the Cloud or on-premises. • Deliver leverage out of SharePoint by providing a technology that uses the best of SharePoint and eliminates the tailor made efforts know in SharePoint. Passed investment in SharePoint are now secured. • Provide the Business a technology where applications can easily be integrated into their Social Business Software. Hoozin comes with a full SDK allowing Customers, Business Partners and others to build apps to meet real requirements.

Support & Services

Hoozin provides Services & Consulting around hoozin Software. The Social Business Project requires support and buy in from Senior Management and some key stakeholders from the Business to make it a success. We provide Consulting on change-management, communication prior and during the deployment, user adoption and best practices. We emphasize that the quality of the roll out is as important as the quality of the software.



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