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NewsGator Social Sites provides companies with dramatically better ways to innovate, collaborate, and improve productivity. Because of its direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Social Sites integrates hassle-free with thousands of companies’ existing SharePoint infrastructure, unlike most competing enterprise social computing offerings. Features such as blogs, wikis, microblogging, status posts, activity tracking and social bookmarking – much like familiar consumer-oriented social media tools – ensure Social Sites users extract real business value in areas like collaboration, knowledge management and project execution. NewsGator has over 2.5 million paid enterprise social computing users – more than any other enterprise social computing vendor. Customers achieving results with Social Sites include Accenture, Battelle, Biogen Idec, CME Federal Credit Union, Deloitte, Edelman, Fujitsu, Novartis, The United States Air Force and The United States Army.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Social Sites redefines Enterprise Communication. With roots in NewsGator’s pioneering developments in RSS (Real Simple Syndication), Social Sites transforms Microsoft’s popular SharePoint platform into a true, leading-edge enterprise social computing solution. Users can take advantage of secure RSS feeds from news sites, blogs, wikis, external social media streams, and enterprise applications. Additionally users can comment, “like” and tag content, stay alert on their communities through the use of the activity streams, see which colleagues are uploading documents, commenting on the latest customer requirements, or contributing to the current buzz on twitter – all in one centralized view. By delivering information where employees need it – within their communities of practice, on their mobile devices, or through their email clients, employees can be more efficient, easily locate subject matter experts and make better informed decisions.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Social Sites communities establish a setting for your internal and external stakeholders to collaborate. Whether forming communities of practice for projects and initiatives, or creating a place for colleagues to connect about common interests or best practices – Social Sites makes SharePoint collaboration more social. Community members can conduct ad-hoc conversations and search for and share knowledge. Collaboration within online communities facilitates quick and informed decision making, decreases the time it takes to find the information people need to do their jobs, and enables people to locate expertise they might not have known existed otherwise. Take advantage of many built-in community features like discussions, document management, insights, RSS subscriptions, automatic content population, member display, social bookmarking, tagging and rating to improve collaboration and knowledge exchange among your organization.

Social Networking and Expert Search

What if you could parachute into an organization and easily access all relevant information and the creators of that content? Whether your users are new employees, project members, or seasoned veterans in a distributed workforce, Social Sites gives your workforce the tools to connect with unrivaled efficiency. Users can take advantage of the Knowledge Explorer, a Social Sites capability that allows individuals to visually locate subject matter experts. Easily identify the top ten experts in any particular term or subject area by selecting from a variety of terms in the knowledge explorer tag cloud. Social Sites helps your business discover in-house subject matter experts and tacit expertise based on their own content creation and other users’ feedback. Exploring your internal knowledge base and pinpointing experts are simple when you can visually navigate content and people to discover untapped assets within your organization.

Personal Information Management

Manage personal information with Social Sites. Whether you are working at your desk or on the go, Social Sites can deliver the content that you need, when and where you need it. Social Sites takes SharePoint mobile, bringing content directly to your desktop via a desktop client, and it can even keep you informed via a daily email digest. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information in your organization? Social Sites can also help with this. Take advantage of some of Social Site's unique features like filtering and targeting to sort through all of the content and pinpoint the vital information that you need. Users can filter activities by community, colleague, self, status or most popular, and users can even create their own customized filters. The new targeting feature also helps you stay organized by allowing users to send targeted messages directed towards specific users or topic areas. Bottom line: Social Sites simplifies personal information management.

Project Management

Because Social Sites runs as a service within Microsoft SharePoint, numerous valuable project management features are automatically present. Social Sites takes these existing features and enhances them with social capabilities like microblogging, activitiy streams, communities and knowledge explorer. Through Social Sites, project managers collaborate virtually in communities where project stakeholders share and collect project information in one central location. Because of its close integration with SharePoint, Social Sites allows project managers to seamlessly leverage existing project management tools like Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook from within Social Sites. Social Sites also helps with the facilitation of project management by making it easy to find subject experts and assemble teams.

Operational Flexibility

NewsGator Social Sites integrates directly into your existing SharePoint 2010 collaboration deployment, allowing your organization to continue to deliver value to their users while still unifying your technology infrastructure. This means your IT team will not have to spend additional time building custom applications or learning to support any other new technologies. As a managed service that is implemented on a technology platform you have already committed to, NewsGator Social Sites saves time and money both in the products' initial stages, and ongoing. Users are also able to stay connected through the use of Social SItes' award- winning mobile clients, now available on the iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. And, our latest release is now available in nine different languages, making Social Sites your world-wide solution for Enterprise social computing.

Customization & Extensibility

Social Sites is fully customizable and can be built to suit your organizations' needs. All of our products features can be turned on or off, depending on the entire organizations' (or just one user's) preferences. Social Sites can also be built to fit your organization's image, including color customization, adding your company logo and more. Other customizable options happen within the solution itself. Users can create and modify their own social profiles and communities. Every page can be changed to suit an individual user’s tastes. Besides making Social Sites adapt to the look and feel of one user, or an entire organization, it also allows for third-party integration. Users can pull in information from external systems, keep them in the work flow and see them coming across their aggregated activity stream. This type of customization allows your employees to be more aware and in turn, more successful.

Data & Security

Because Social Sites is built to run on SharePoint 2010, it inherits security directly from SharePoint. Therefore, Social Sites relies entirely on SharePoint for authentication, and no matter what provider you are running Social Sites will inherently support it, whether it’s LDAP, claims or forms based authentication (mobile clients are currently an exception to this). Social Sites permissions also rely on SharePoint, and are only modified when specifically told to do so. The SharePoint permission model is always supported, no matter how granular it may be. Finally, backups of Social Sites’ databases rely on third-party backup solutions including SQL and Veritas among others. Because Microsoft SharePoint offers a trusted data and security solution, we feel confident in our matching data and security capabilities.

Vendor Position

NewsGator makes SharePoint social. Our Enterprise 2.0 software suite, Social Sites, boosts any organization’s performance with the power of innovation management, collaboration and knowledge-sharing both inside the enterprise and out. Selected in June 2010 as a top finalist for the Microsoft Partner of the Year award, NewsGator now has more than 2.5 million paid enterprise social computing users and the largest Government 2.0 implementations. Customers achieving results with Social Sites include Accenture, Biogen, Idec, CME, Federal Credit Union, Deloitte, Fujitsu, Novartis, The United States Air Force and The United States Army.

Support & Services

NewsGator Social Sites comes highly supported. Users are able to submit questions via a central portal with a form based ticket to NewsGator. This collection method streamlines resolve times as it helps to gather all of the customer’s information about their question up front. This means that all Social Sites users can expect to hear back about their questions within one business day. All users are also granted access to public communities where customer collaboration is encouraged via best practices, tips and tricks and driving adoption. A private community is also established for each organization running Social Sites so that collaboration can be facilitated directly around that particular deployment. All users are emailed information regarding any site changes including new documentation, downloads and/or changes. Because of NewsGator’s strong RSS roots, customers are also able to subscribe to content updates via their own preferred RSS reader, giving them access to information i



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  • Erich Pfeiffer rated this tool as good!
    posted on 9/12/11
    Rae you planning on re--reviewing Sharepoint 2010 with NG? In gartner magic quadrant they removed Newsgator because it requires sharepoint. I also notice you review of sharepoint 2010 is a bit dated. can it be updated.
  • NewsGator rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 11/10/10
  • Astatke
    posted on 7/9/10
    By the way, how much does the "NewsGator Social Sites 2010" cost?
  • Matt Banks rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 31/8/10
    Comprehensive socially collaborative suite focused on community, microblogging and activity streams built directly into the SharePoint technology stack. No need for multiple profiles, hardware or software!
  • Tobi Anderson rated this tool as very good!
    posted on 31/8/10
    Excellent collaboration and engagement tool - especially if you are already running SharePoint.