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KickApps is an award winning Social CMS platform that provides cloud-based page building, media management, social experiences, drag-and-drop video player and widget creation, and other applications that allow Web publishers and marketers to drive deeper customer and employee relationships and grow online audiences. All KickApps applications are tightly integrated with robust media moderation, member management and reporting capabilities.

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Social Software is transforming communication in the Enterprise at a faster rate than ever before. It is increasing efficiencies and improving productivity through real-time information, conversations, and decision making. KickApps provides a platform for businesses to create a collaborative environment for employees to respond quickly and effectively to business opportunities and increase productivity. The solution couples conversational collaboration (community based communications) and document centric collaboration.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

We believe that to achieve a high level of adoption among employees, it is crucial to create a user-friendly environment that is as easy to use as Facebook. KickApps Social Business applications for employee collaboration present a highly customizable and turn- key approach to enabling more efficient knowledge sharing and teamwork amongst your workforce. Enhance your existing document based solutions, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, with our people-centric applications in order to facilitate idea generation, problem solving and communication.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Online interactions between people and content is at the very core of engagement and we have built many of the core 'apps' that you will need, including social collaboration, messaging, media & document sharing, groups, message boards, comments & ratings and the list goes on. Our solutions let you create a company-wide repository of structured and conversational knowledge as well as an expertise based directory of employees, enabling easy communication and connection across your company.

Personal Information Management

The KickApps Affiliate Center (our control panel) gives our customers complete control over who can view their profiles and how each member can participate therein. KickApps-powered sites can be open to the public or restricted to members only. Personal profile pages can be highly customized displaying a wide range of custom profile questions, as well as activity feeds of members and friends.

Project Management

Project Management is a great example for the social nature of employee collaboration. More and more projects are delivered with team members being distributed around the globe. This creates the need for an effective collaboration platform that allows project members to engage in real time conversations. The KickApps platform allows project members to connect with each other in various ways using video chat, private messaging, blogs, document sharing, groups and much more. Harness your employees' creative energy and output by creating a virtual environment that enables them to share and experiment with new ideas amongst teams with KickApps' unique Idea Exchange & Generation applications.

Operational Flexibility

KickApps' platform is so easy to implement that it comes with a self-serve option, allowing customers to start a free 30-day trial and begin configuring and deploying their site immediately. These clients can configure every aspect of their community site within the Affiliate Center control panel. These types of sites can literally launch same day if the client is prepared with the right information, and can be launched and managed by someone with minimal technical experience. That said, many of our enterprise clients decide on customized implementations of our technology that go beyond what our platform is designed to do out of the box. For this reason, we provide a full API developers' kit, as well as a 25 person strategy & professional services team that can help our clients ideate and execute custom uses of the technology.

Customization & Extensibility

The entire platform is available as hosted pages. A completely customizable UI, KickApps hosted pages can be styled to your specifications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way of creating social experiences on your website, most of our customers use our hosted pages. The API Developer Kit is for customers that require deep levels of customization using KickApps. Our Content APIs are parametized RSS 2.0 feeds that can be used to deliver KickApps content anywhere. We provide a Feed Builder and drag-and-drop App Studio for creating Flash applications where you can package & place this content with very no technical effort. Our Functional (RESTful) APIs enable customers to integrate KickApps functionality independent of the hosted pages. KickApps’ Social CMS capabilities allow publishers to extend their content beyond stand-alone websites to branded experiences on web-based platforms like Facebook & mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad & Android.

Data & Security

KickApps supports the right to privacy, including the rights of individuals to control the dissemination and use of personal data that describes them, their personal choices, or life experiences. As such, we have a fully-developed set of policies and procedures for dealing with the personal information of our clients and users. All personal information contained within our servers is stored in encrypted form. When they are no longer needed, all copies of personal data, including those on backup media, are irreversibly destroyed. KickApps employs rigorous methods for backing up the data stored within our platform. This includes regular full-database backups (complete dumps) that are copied to backup clusters. These database updates are replicated in real time and exist in different locations.

Vendor Position

While KickApps began life as a self-service community platform, we have evolved into the industry's first true Social CMS. The power of our platform is in the way we store, associate and serve content, user data and social experiences. This back end, coupled with our innovative AppStudio, allows publishers to extend their user community beyond their domain - out to Facebook, mobile apps and other websites, while tracking and managing all of it centrally.

Support & Services

From working with some of the most well known brands in the world on hundreds of deployments, the KickApps Professional Services team and partner eco-system offer unparalleled experience, expertise, creativity and knowledge. You can engage with the KickApps Client Solutions team to manage your entire project or bring us in as an integral member of your digital team (we work very well with internal teams and agencies). We work closely with you on every aspect of your KickApps implementation. It begins with defining your company’s social media strategy. From there the focus is on designing your site’s social experiences, creating and deploying your KickApps powered website, videos and widgets, meeting your custom development needs, providing technical support and training. Whatever stage you’re at or whatever your needs are, we can help you manage and grow your website and online community.



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