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-- Social collaboration for your company -- Set up our software behind your firewall and get instant access to: Wikis - Blogs - Microsharing - Social networks, and more...

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To make all tools comparable for you, we have created a set of categories where every tool has its own description, whether it fullfills the categories or not. You can read a detailed description of each category on this page.

Enterprise Communication

Incentive will aid enterprise communication through forums, blogs, wikis and microblogs. All content is rateable and permission controls make sure that the right content is viewed by the right user. Themes can be applied to different areas so that their looks is totally different from one and other.

Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

In the Incentive workspaces, people will collaborate with a user-friendly graphic user interface right out of the box. The most important thing is that people use the tool for knowledge sharing, and the user interface in Incentive is built to aid the usage, nothing else. The workspaces of Incentive can be modified to suit most needs and permissions control the access of information. The use of tag clouds within every workspace makes navigation comfortable. Files are seen as attachments to content and is version tracked.

Social Networking and Expert Search

Social networking in Incentive is built around profiles and people. The social networking is merely one part in the combination of technology that Incentive is built around. Expert search is largely helped by individuals tagging themselves and others with specific expert areas. Keywords can be searched and experts will be found.

Personal Information Management

The users are free to create their own dashboard view of Incentive. Widgets can be added and rearranged to match users specific needs. RSS-feed packages can be set up containing multiple sources and filtered to tailor the users points of interests. The use of personal wikis or blogs for notes are easily created. A visualization of the organisation hierarchy can be automatically generated.

Project Management

The workspaces of Incentive are great project management areas and through different widgets they can be tailored to fit almost any project. Instead of including advanced file management Incentive gladly hands that task over to systems purposely built to manage files and documents. Incentive integrates those systems into different workspaces through widgets.

Operational Flexibility

Incentive is both SaaS and on-premise. Incentive does'nt choose, the customer does. For mobile access a specific CSS is built to suit all different devices and browsers. Incentives user interface is in either English or Swedish, but supports all languages.

Customization & Extensibility

Through the years, the design of Incentive has been customized for many different corporations and organisations. All elements are open to design change through CSS. The navigation and layout is hideable, redesignable and not static in any way. The widget possibilities are endless. Incentive has a open API which can be customized by outside developers.

Data & Security

Coming soon!

Vendor Position

Incentive is today the leading social software in Sweden with customers ranging through all markets and sizes. There are three developers working with the product.

Support & Services

Incentive has around 10 partners today. They are hand picked for their skills and almost all use Incentive as their own intranet solution. Vendor support is offered by phone or e-mail. With experience from the years working with the product and its customers, whitepapers and support documents have been produced.



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